Elevate your expertise, amplify your impact.

What is Surface Elevate?

Join the Surface Elevate Program for a comprehensive four-hour session that transforms you into a Surface expert, offering an all-encompassing training experience designed to enhance your product knowledge and sales tactics in one dynamic workshop.

Upon finishing, proudly display your earned badge of expertise, which not only reflects your dedication to mastery but also serves as a trusted emblem to your customers, solidifying your role as their go-to for all things Surface.

Dive into this program to streamline your sales strategy, elevate your customer interactions, and become a one-stop source for informed, effective Surface solutions.

Comprehensive content you can learn in one half-day workshop

Dynamic, fun, and interactive workshop delivered live from our studio.

Pass the assessment and earn your badge of expertise to reflect your knowledge

How does it work?

Start Your Journey

Ready to level up? Enroll through this portal—just some quick details and you're in. You can chose between the two workshops each month, each offered at a different time of day. You'll get a confirmation email with the link to add the workshop of your choice to your calendar.

Dive into the Workshop

This is it—the four-hour deep dive where you become a Surface expert. It'll be interactive with microphones on, live Q&As, polling leaderboards, and real-time activities all lined up. It's fun, it's informative, and it’s the only place you’ll need to be to get fully versed in selling Surface.

Test Your Knowledge

After you've absorbed all the info, it’s time to show what you've learned. You must complete the 25 question assessment with a score of 80% or higher to pass. You'll also have a chance to give us your take on the workshop, and help us make the experience even better for everyone.

Earn Your

Pass the assessment and you’ll score a shiny new digital badge from Presenter Group. It’s not just a badge—it’s proof of your hard work and Surface savvy, ready to show off to the world.

Keep the Momentum Going

Post-workshop, you'll get exclusive resources and invites to technical deep-dives and office hours. As you put your new skills to work, share your wins and progress with us. Regular check-ins with your Distributor and Microsoft contacts will help you succeed.